Group Psychotherapy

Emotion-Focused Mindfulness Therapy (EFMT) is a group model of psychotherapy that integrates mindful experiencing with experiential and emotional processes that enhance how we make sense of our feelings, resolve inner conflicts and unfinished business, navigate our lives, and cultivate growth and fulfillment.

EFMT welcomes into meditation and therapeutic encounters the processes that weave consciousness and deepen experiencing, including perception, bodily and sensory experience, feelings, imagery, thinking, needs and action tendencies.  Meditators cultivate gentleness and participatory curiosity, exploring how to navigate experiencing oriented to their values and what they find works for them. People are encouraged to feel, consider the future, remember, and reflect on experience while meditating. From an EFMT perspective, the only time we have to experience and reflect on planning and remembering is the present moment and to not include them in meditation and therapy would be to exclude central aspects of being human (Gayner, 2019 Mindful Feeling)

If you are interested in learning more about participating in group psychotherapy sessions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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