I have seen first hand in my work with clients how psychotherapy has helped them to overcome feelings of depression and anxiety, reduce stress and improve important relationships in their lives.

Psychotherapy offers insight oriented and emotion focused learning.  Emotion focused learning happens through experiencing emotions in the body and then giving language to this experience.  Through language, meaning is made and insight created.  Insight is not learning in the intellectual sense. It is a kind of intensely personal and energizing experience that is at the heart of all good treatments.

Psychotherapy offers you a confidential place to explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences in a new and constructive way.  I strive to understand my clients as whole human beings, with difficulties as well as the resources to deal with them.  I believe that each of us finds multiple ways to respond to the challenges and the endless possibilities of our lives.  The work of psychotherapy finds a way to be with these complexities in a manner that allows for openness, growth, healing and meaning-making.